AA-Collected is a Berlin based retail experience where you can buy directly in-store from the designer, and have the opportunity discuss their craft and learn about the process behind their product.
Our selection is focused on high quality design, often hand-made and produced locally, including men & women's fashion, jewellery, art & home wares.

AA-Collected is home to five in-house designers who work on their own design & production behind a shop and gallery space that houses a wider selection of designers. The current work space hosts fashion & jewellery designers, all from different nationalities but based in Berlin for varying periods of time, reflecting the current fusion of nationalities and creativity of the city of Berlin.

  • WHO Norwegian designer Rannveig Nordlie, based in Berlin since 2016.
    WHAT Making interior products and accessories in natural materials, mainly wood and leather. Collecting materials and inspiration traveling and meeting new people.
    WHEN Studied Industrial Design at Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway. Became a member of the design collective «Sukker» in Trondheim, and started producing products under the brand RA9 in 2013.
    WHEREHandcrafted where currently located, now Berlin.

-studio – shop

  • WHO Marisa Fuentes Prado is a Peruvian designer based in Berlin since 2015.
    WHAT Maqu design Practical Classic Vanguard womenswear with conscious materials using sustainable manufacturing methods.
    WHEN Marisa went on to study fashion design in Lima, gained work experience and became part of the team of her favourite designer Henrik Vibskov in Copenhagen in 2013, In 2014 also she worked with the danish designer Freya Dalsjø. After being involved in productions for the fashion weeks in Copenhagen and Paris, Marisa moved to Berlin in 2015. Maqu was established in October 2015 in Berlin.
    WHEREOur pieces are made in Germany and Perú.

Maqu – shop

  • WHO Jewellery designer Tricia Kim.
    WHAT NAGICIA’s designs are influenced by the nature of Bali and infused with the local artisans traditions. She marries high gold & silver smithing skills with local traditions. Gemstones are sourced world-wide, and the wide range of materials used is influenced from her fine arts background.
    WHERE Born & Was born in Seoul, Korea, grew up and educated in fine arts in New York City, Paris and San Francisco.She moved in Bali to work with the re-known jewellery brand John Hardy in 1997 and is still happily based there.
    WHEN Her brand Nagicia came to fruition in 2000 whilst hiking the Himalayas of Nepal. Tricia tried to make collections in Nepal and India, but decided to return to Bali and work with a team of local artisans there.

Tricia Kim
– shop

  • WHO Bulgarian fashion designer Dossio Dossev, active in the fashion industry since 1987 in Germany, Spain, USA and Bulgaria, founder of the fashion label Pendari.
    WHAT Pendari is a fashion brand that focuses on high quality materials such as 100% cotton, merino and leather. Pendari clothes are made with great attention to detail.
    WHEN In 2010 Dossio Dossev started his own label after more than 20 years’ experience in the fashion industry as a designer.
    WHERE The clothes are designed in Bulgaria and made in Leathertex - one of Italy`s most established factories, responsible for the manufacturing of the world`s most famous fashion brands - Armani, Gianni Versace, Max Mara, Roberto Cavalli, Replay.

Pendari– shop

  • WHO Chaca Jacobsen, a unique Danish-born jewelry designer, yoga teacher and crystal healer.
    WHAT Emerging as a fashion jewelry designer, she created CHACA, the brand whose clean Nordic, geometrical forms and signature black rope, graced catwalks from London to Paris and appeared across a spectrum of elite magazines. However, Chaca’s constant search to unite design with her own spiritual journey, lead her to create CHACAmandala, incorporating crystals into the designs to create pieces that are not only powerful and modern, but also, through the healing power of crystals, beneficial to the wearer.
    WHEN Chaca created her dual brands CHACA in 2011 and CHACAmandala in 2016.
    WHERE Handcrafted from her studio in Berlin

Chaca Mandala -shop

Skalitzer Straße 77
Berlin, Kreuzberg
10997 Deutschland

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