AA-Collected is a Berlin based retail experience where you can buy directly in-store from the designer, and have the opportunity discuss their craft and learn about the process behind their product.
Our selection is focused on high quality design, often hand-made and produced locally, including men & women's fashion, jewellery, art & home wares.

AA-Collected is home to five in-house designers who work on their own design & production behind a shop and gallery space that houses a wider selection of designers. The current work space hosts fashion & jewellery designers, all from different nationalities but based in Berlin for varying periods of time, reflecting the current fusion of nationalities and creativity of the city of Berlin.

  • WHO Luxury leather goods label Founded & designed by Xenab Lone from the UK and Leo Koivistoinen from Finland.
    WHAT XENAB LONE is a leather goods and accessories brand. Stark and functional design combined with high quality craftsmanship are what creates the brands striking yet minimalist appeal. 
    WHEN Establish in London 2014
    WHERE Designed in London and handcrafted by a family run team of Portuguese artisans. 

Xenab Lone
– shop

  • WHO Australian Contemporary Fine Jeweller recently moved to Berlin.
    WHAT Trained as both a contemporary jewellery designer and traditional goldsmith, Nathan’s work looks to find a balance between minimal forms and technical craftsmanship.
    WHERE Hand made in Berlin using Sterling Silver, Gold and precious stones.
    WHEN Studied Jewellery and Object design at Sydney University, Trade Jewellery design at Enmore Technical college. Nathan has been continually honing his craft through collections, exhibition pieces and collaborations since graduating in 2005

Nathan x Thomas
– studio – shop

  • WHO Niza Huang is the namesake jewellery brand from Taiwan born designer Niza 
    WHAT She creates raw-sophisticated jewellery, that bridging the gap in between fashion and craft.
    The unique pieces are handcrafted from precious metals and stones with distinct style and commitment to quality.
    WHERE Based in London, Niza has her jewellery studio in London fields, East London, where almost every steps of the process takes place in-house from design to finishing.
    WHEN In 2013 she started her own label combining her industrial design background with her jewellery experience, she pushes the boundaries of jewellery design, focusing on using materials in a different way.

Niza Huang

  • WHO Luka Pasikowski is descended from a family of goldsmiths and has been designing edgy, energetic and distinctive pieces for more than 20 years utilising both his proficiency in precious metals and background as a sculptor. 
    WHAT The brand’s sculptural jewellery designs are separated into two overarching ‘Past’ and ‘Future’ collections, with pieces harnessing the power of mythical creatures and ancient motifs and juxtaposing them against ultramodern forms, urban landscapes and a futuristic vision.
    WHEN Luka is trading as Cardinal of London from 2012.
    WHERE All designs are handmade in London by Luka, designer and Creative Director of Cardinal of London.

Cardinal of London

  • WHO Swiss fashion designer Tosca Wyss, Born & raised in Switzerland. Based in Berlin, Germany since 2012.
    WHAT Creating limited numbers of styles to ensure the exclusivity and artistic aspect of every single piece.
    WHERE Produced in Germany with sustainable fabrics and in limited numbers to offer a product apart from mass consumption. Our aim is to offer products dissociated from fashion as a mass-consumption product but as a piece of art that lasts. Blank Etiquette was nominated for several awards like the Swiss Design Award, The Future of Fashion Program from NJAL and the Annabelle Award.
    WHEN Tosca Wyss studied Fashion Design in Basel & graduated in 2010, 2014 she finally graduated with her MA Degree in Fashion Design from the Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee, right after she founded her own fashion label in January 2015.

Blank Etiquette
– studio – shop

  • WHO Underwear and fashion designer Sofie Andersson, was born in Sweden, educated in Italy and trained in London working with pioneers in sustainable fashion. Based in Berlin, Germany since 2015.
    WHAT Underwear, loungewear and swimwear made from luxury vintage fabrics and high quality leftovers emerging from industry overproduction. Sofie´s designs blossom from the materials available at any given time. She design’s based on what she has, not the other way around. This could be understood as a limit, but it is exactly within those limits she find excitement and inspiration.
    WHERE Handmade in Berlin.
    WHEN Anekdot was founded in 2015.

– shop

  • WHO Conscious fashion designer Maria Glück. Born in Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain but based in Berlin since 2008.
    WHAT Conscious design of menswear and womenswear with a curated selection of materials and fabrics. H O W L by Maria Glück creates modern, fresh yet minimal unisex collections.
    WHERE Made in Berlin, Germany from sustainable & ethical fabrics.
    WHEN Studied Fine Arts, sculpture and media and founded label H O W L in 2012 with a collection presented at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid. Since then, have shown collections during fashion week in Berlin, London, Paris and Madrid.

HOWL by Maria Glück
– studio – shop

  • WHO Australian jewellery designer Millicent Nobis, Born & raised in the natural beauty of The Blue Mountains, Australia. Based in Berlin, Germany since 2010.
    WHAT Jewellery designer for contemporary jewellery label Mies Nobis, self taught, the approach to jewellery is non-traditional and modern with inspiration drawn art, sculpture & object design.
    WHERE Hand-made in Germany.
    WHEN Studied Fashion Design in Sydney, graduated in 2009 before moving to Berlin, launched Mies Nobis in 2012 and won a place at Premiere Classe Paris through Whose Next that year, in 2014 was selected by Vogue Italy for the Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience.

Mies Nobis
– studio – shop

  • WHO Hermien Cassiers (24), Saskia Govaerts (26), Magaly Hermans (25) and Hannah Van Lith (23) are the Belgique designers behind this label.
    WHAT The philosophy of Studio Collect is to create versatile and accessible jewelry, with a strong and fresh look.
    WHERE Their jewelry is designed and made in Belgium. The entire process from first design to finished piece is taken care of by the designers themselves.
    WHEN The four of them met at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, where they al studied. Because of a shared passion and similar approach to jewelry design, they decided to join forces. Studio Collect was founded in February of 2013. So far they have created three collections; Enchaîné, Micro Monumental and Bauspiel.

Studio Collect
– shop

  • WHO German fashion designers Lena Genofeva Geißler and Bastian Altendorfer
    WHAT An experimental design platform that develops both commercial and conceptual fashion and design projects in various disciplines. Altendorfer reflects a sense of relaxed and timeless elegance, focusing on fine fabrics and the perfect fit. 
    WHERE Part of the mission is to support high-end fashion manufacturing in Germany.
    WHEN Altendorfer studios was established in 2015.

Altendorfer Studios
– shop

  • WHO An Australian artist and designer. Zoe grew up in Perth, Western Australia and has been based in Europe since 2002. She made Berlin home in 2009.
    WHAT Passionate about drawing and pattern. Zoe combines the two to create limited edition silk scarves, the slow fashion way.
    WHERE Made in Germany. 
    WHEN Zoe studied Fashion and Textile design in Australia. She worked in the fashion industry in  Australia and Paris before making the decision to focus on her artwork. Zoe’s work has been seen in exhibitions in Germany, France, England, Australia, and The United States. 
    January 2016 saw her launch her first series of limited edition silk scarves. Combining her love for art, illustration,design and quality.

Zoe Keogh
– shop

  • WHO German born graphic artist & designer Anna Albertine Baronius.
    WHAT Under the name studio na.hili, she creates jewelry, graphic & photographic posters. Her inspiration comes from long travels, the never ending admiration of mother nature, and a love of Scandinavian simplicity.
    WHERE Albertine creates her handmade products assisted by a handful of small and independent production houses here in Germany.
    WHEN After finishing her product design studies with distinction in 2012 her work was shown at various exhibitions and fairs with multiple award nominations. Albertine has worked with numerous of companies in the past and continues to pursue creative cross platform collaborations into the future.

Studio Na.hili
– studio – shop

  • WHO Swedish Jewelry designer and silversmith Sofia Holpp
    WHAT Jewellery designer for the contemporary gender free Jewelry label holpp. The borders between male and female is being erased by expressive raw and graphic forms. The designs are characterized by industrial Scandinavian minimalism, yet bold in their expressions.
    WHERE Born & raised in the middle of Sweden and now based in the Capital, Stockholm.
    WHEN I studied to become a silversmith in 2007 at "the Scandinavian folk university" in Stockholm. I was creating jewelry for fun before launching holpp in 2015 at the jewelry exhibition at Stockholm fashion week in August 2015.

Sofia Holpp
– shop

  • WHO Jewellery designer Tricia Kim.
    WHAT NAGICIA’s designs are influenced by the nature of Bali and infused with the local artisans traditions. She marries high gold & silver smithing skills with local traditions. Gemstones are sourced world-wide, and the wide range of materials used is influenced from her fine arts background.
    WHERE Born & Was born in Seoul, Korea, grew up and educated in fine arts in New York City, Paris and San Francisco.She moved in Bali to work with the re-known jewellery brand John Hardy in 1997 and is still happily based there.
    WHEN Her brand Nagicia came to fruition in 2000 whilst hiking the Himalayas of Nepal. Tricia tried to make collections in Nepal and India, but decided to return to Bali and work with a team of local artisans there.

Tricia Kim
– shop

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